Members earn flight miles/points in the Blue1 and SAS frequent flyer program. These points can be used for paying a trip, part of the trip or for buying services provided by partners. There are about 350,000 EuroBonus members in Finland. Customer relation marketing is focused on as well communication to members as on member recruitment.



Airlines are facing difficulties; this can be seen in the increasing costs. Additional costs, additional services are intended for fast profits, and at the same time price competition is getting tougher. It is increasingly harder for a traditional airline to outlive this competition. Ticket sales have shifted to the internet, the selection is often based on the lowest rate. In future, airline loyalty programs will have a major role in achieving customer loyalty, as the most important competitive tool. The price is not the answer, other factors are: individual service, reliability, concentration discounts, mix of partners, a wide selection, suitable routes, the real benefits of the loyalty program.


Weekly Small Letter (every Saturday),

16 – 22 origin messages Monthly Newsletter (1st of every month),

16 – 22 origin messages Monthly EB

20 years Newsletter (every 20th),

2 – 16 origin messages BIG sale

(3 times a year), 16 origins Totally 6-7 newsletters/month, testing four times a year. FACEBOOK action in Blue1 timeline Blue1 EB landing page Blue1 SAS EB 20 years landing page Weekly EB wall posts in Blue1 timeline



Sector       Tourism/Travel 

Service     Direct Marketing

Country    Finland/InterDirect

Client       SAS Airlines


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