Nissan “Qashqai” solutions

Nissan “Qashqai” solutions

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The Qashqai is Nissan’s market-leading, game-changing crossover vehicle. We wanted to raise awareness of the latest Qashqai’s new and innovative features, including ‘Around View Monitor’ (AVM) technology and its more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly 1.6 litre diesel engine.



In keeping with Qashqai’s reputation for innovation, the AVM is a cutting-edge camera system designed to make parking easier. The feature consists of four cameras strategically placed at the front, back and sides of the vehicle.

These send real time images to a central console, forming a bird’s eye view of the car and making parking a cinch.

To support the November 2011 launch, we produced a direct mail and email campaign which was aimed at creating excitement and intrigue around this new technology. The direct mail pack takes the form of an illustrated box which leads with the line ‘Inside, a little peek at what it’s like to drive the ultimate urban car’.

The box opens to reveal a pair of mirrored ‘eyes in the back of your head’ glasses, designed to emulate the experience offered by the AVM, and bring the concept to life. The pack also contains a highly personalised letter (with over 90 variants) and brochure, inviting recipients to book a test drive with their local dealer.



The campaign kicked off with a teaser email announcing the upcoming launch of the new Qashqai, encouraging people to keep an eye out for it. Next up, a pre-launch direct mail pack and email encouraged prospects to ‘See the city from a new perspective’. The final stage was our launch direct mail pack and email, all of which included a compelling and tailored finance offer. The mailing is illustrated with a range of animated characters, who follow the car on its urban journey, and who made their first appearance in a TV spot by TBWA/G1 in November 2011.



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