The Infant School



Sector       Education

Service     Brand Enhancement

Country    Bahrain

Client       The Infant School

The School Background

Established in 1971, Infant School has had extensive experience in the Education Sector. It provides up-to-date facilities and a British curriculum to Bahraini and non-Bahraini students. It offers the one of the highest quality in education by hiring competent Bahraini and British teachers. 


Since its existence, for 42 years, the School was using an old logo. Trime was tasked to revitalize the existing brand to meet current market requirements and trends. The well-recognized logo had to maintain its essence but focusing more on changing details that will give it a modern touch. In addition, the new brand required to be communicated and made aware of amongst its current and potential audience.


The old brand mark was refreshed by modifying its shapes and colors, while the core look and feel remained the same. Trime Media created a set of collateral designs to implement the new brand on all the school’s material. To promote the brand, TRIME identified the most strategic media mix that best brings results for Schools.  The promotion of the brand was done by creating below and above the line advertisements using the new logo to reach the target audience.