AlMubarrah Foundation



Sector       Education

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Bahrain

Client       AlMubarrah AlKhalifia Foundation

AlMubarrah AlKhalifia Foundation

AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation (MKF) is a not-for-profit foundation that is all about developing the Bahraini Society and nurturing them to eventually give back to the community.  The Foundation was formed to mainly focus on youth development and enrichment through sponsorships and program opportunities.  The board’s main aim is to spread awareness about their efforts towards adding value to the Bahraini society in order to attract dedicated and hard working Bahraini youth to make use of these opportunities.  In addition to that, their aim is to attract corporate and HNI sponsors to help maintain and develop their many programs as CSR initiatives.



Trime was tasked to create a brand that meets the look and feel that the foundation is meant to portray; a welcoming, friendly and nurturing foundation that aims to continuously develop the society through its main asset – the youth. The client requested that the foundation’s character and personality is to be reflected within the brand, making sure that the brand is flexible enough to fit in with the other plans that the founders may have in the future; for the retired, for the unemployed, for the poor, etc. Another challenge was to create channels for the youth to interact and communicate with the foundation easily and for the general public to truly understand what the Foundation is striving to achieve.



TRIME created a Brand Mark for MKF that best exemplifies what the Foundation aims to achieve, the personality it wants to portray to the general public and the impression and impact it wants to make on its target audience. The brand look and feel was translated in the same vibrant manner as the brand mark across all the collaterals. A brand guideline manual was developed to make sure that the Foundation’s image is continuously maintained by following the manual religiously. To address the interaction and communication challenge, TRIME Media created the website giving the target the opportunity to learn about the different programs and immediately sign up for them on the website itself. The website was also created with CMS in mind in order to keep it flexible for MKF to continuously update about their programs, calendars, events, etc. When designing the website, TRIME Media took into consideration that further programs and initiatives might be setup by the foundation in the future, therefore the design was made with future additions and expansions in mind. In regards to awareness and reach, TRIME Media provided the Foundation with a strong and supportive Marketing Plan. The plan contained all the relevant information and guidance the Foundation needs in order to direct its activities to spread awareness about their initiatives and programs. It also provided a strategic Marketing Plan, scheduled per month in order to provide a very clear path as to what are the best suggested steps to be taken in order to achieve the objectives and success that were planned to be achieved.