American Express



Sector       Finance

Service     Production Management

Country    Bahrain

Client        American Express

American Express Background

The American Express in Bahrain is the regional headquarter for the Middle East, in charge of all operations including corporate distributions, such as stationaries, cheque books, and the Centurion Card Client Package. The Centurion is the AMEX VIP Black Credit Card.



Trime was engaged to execute the production of the Centurion Client Package, inclusive of Box, Cover, Brand Literature, and Corporate Gifts. The design and production specification for the Centurion is set by AMEX Global, with very precise quality guidelines. It requires considerations such as the quality of paper, special color mixes, and numerous treatments which require vigilance and very close quality control.


Trime approached the project with varying testing phases, in terms of type and quality of paper, color-on-material consistencies, among other key quality considerations. The results of testing were applied into Trime’s Quality Management Process of Production, in addition to implementing customized productions to bring the Brand Elegance and Strength forward. Here are some of the production elements:

  • Special Skin Paper
  • Handmade production and folding of each box and sleeve
  • Printing on Leather, for the Centurion Gift Pack Items
  • Placing Identity elements
  • Apply Brand guidelines