Bahrain Olympic Committee



Sector       Sports

Service     Branding/Marcom

Country    BAHRAIN

Client       Bahrain Olympics – BOC

BOC Rebranding Project

The Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) had an old identity that had been in existence for about 30 years. The old identity did not reflect the Country’s ambitions and the young athletes aspirations towards success in the olympics sports. Being one of many National Olympic Committees under the International Olympic Committee, the BOC’s brand did not stand out and resembled a very out-dated image/version of Bahrain. This did not reveal/exhibit the new direction and attitude of the Committee and its recent activities to better the sports industry and the Kingdom as a whole.

The BOC needed a new identity; a new face to present itself to the world. Due to its new and upgraded role; handling more responsibilities as a regulating body in the Sports Industry including all the facilities/ activities relating to the Sports industry, the BOC required a new face to fit the new direction.

TRIME Media realised that the new identity had to reflect the improvement that the BOC has been implementing and will be implementing in the Kingdom as well as the impact  they want to have worldwide as well as its support to achieve Bahrain’s 2030 vision. It had to have relevance locally and internationally, keeping in mind that the audience had been used to the old brand and attitude for such a long time. The idea was initially more of changing a perception and an image rather than just a logo. Therefore, steps were taken to begin gathering information from the oldest member at the BOC to the most recent, to better understand what was, what will be and what should be.

TRIME Media understood the importance and uniqueness of such a project. A project that presents itself once in a lifetime. A project that can have both an local and international influence, making it a sensitive and complex project, yet with an ability to achieve important milestones for the nation. Therefore, the identity was created as a solution in consideration of all the above business problems.



Trime Media was commissioned by BOC to create a brand Identity and brand mark that looks timeless, classic, and lasting and that supports Bahrain’s 2030 vision. The identity had to be different from any other National Olympic Committee by having it’s own unique look and feel. Trime Media challenge was to create a simple yet memorable image of the Committee and that truly reflects the genuine meaning of the Olympic spirit and the personality of Bahrain. In addition to build a strong stepping stone for the BOC in initiating the beginning of a positive change in people’s perception about the Committee. Moreover, Trime team had to create a campaign that builds confidence in the audience and make them aware that the identity would continue the heritage of the country and it’s outlooks to the future.



The shape of torch – like figure have been taken from the Royal Coat of Arms, and the colors represent the country’s identity. The torch shape depicts both the Olympics and the ‘ignited’ spirit of sports. The modern look of the logo coupled with the ancient symbolism of the torch shows a depth and connection between the best of old and new. The Olympic leaf is also depicted within the identity, which further supports the history of the Olympics to date and Bahrain’s involvement in it which now goes back several years. Meanwhile, the wind element depicts energy and vitality and portrays the feeling that athletes get when competing in the open air. It is also the only element that is able to move flames from the torch.

The above rationale provides a connection and works hand-in- hand to deliver the strategy behind creating the identity and acts as a solution to the business problem that the BOC was facing. Each of the elements used symbolise a feeling, and the combination of all directly fulfils the objectives behind the creation of the identity.