Sector       Oil & Gas

Service     Production Management

Country    Bahrain

Client       Bahrain Petroleum Company

BAPCO Background

Established in 1929, BAPCO as an oil company has been a major contributor to the economy and culture of Bahrain. In addition to its products & services, it has launched key projects to support the Kingdom’s Environment, and Community.



When HRH Sh. Sabeeka AlKhalifa announced her visit to Bapco to view the facilities and learn of their activities, Bapco needed a fully integrated communication solution to express their support to Bahrain. Trime was contracted for the production of a Corporate film which would relate the history and initiatives of Bapco, in a manner which would appeal and engage HRH. The language and topic of the video was very sensitive, in consideration of the audience.


Trime conducted research on the target audience, & research on the history of Bapco with a connection to HRH interests and main areas of concern. A corporate documentary was produced with 3 main sections, focusing on Bapco Environmental Initiatives, CSR Activities, and Bapco’s support to Women in the Work Force. The documentary showed Bapco as not an Oil&Gas company only, but as a major contributor to the history, culture, and community of the Kingdom.