Bu Yousif Sweets



Sector       Food

Service     Brand Management

Country    Bahrain

Client       Bu Yousif Sweets

Bu Yousif Sweets Background

One of the most recognizable and recommended sweet shops in Bahrain approached Trime to refresh and improve their brand. For over 20 years, Bu Yousif has offered a variety of traditional Bahraini sweets and has managed to build a large loyal customer base in Bahrain as well as across other GCC countries.



Trime Media was asked to enhance the existing Brand Mark, without making a drastic change to the brand, and to provide a set of collateral and packaging designs that would refresh and modernise the image of the company to catch up with current trends. The challenge was to create a Menu that would reflect the Brand objectives and compete with similar brands in the market. In addition to that, the task was to develop a packaging system that will position Bu Yousif alongside similar competitors in the market.


The approach taken for brand enhancement was analyzing the brand internally and externally. The main part of the exercise was focused on refining the calligraphy details to give the brand mark a new enhanced look and feel.The Brand Guidelines was developed accordingly to ensure appropriate maintenance of the brand in the future. Additionally, the full set of collaterals including Website design were created to introduce the new brand look to the public. Trime team focused on building a packaging system to extend the selling channels and to allow products to be sold as gifts for different occasions. In order to present products in an attractive manner, Trime hired a professional food photographer to develop a strong image library to be used for the Menu and website.