Golden Wrist



Sector       Retail Sale

Service     Naming and Branding

Country    Bahrain

Client       Zahrat Al Khaleej

Zahrat Al Khaleej Background

Established in the market since 1981, Zahrat AlKhaleej has been a strong leader in the watch industry ever since.  Passionate about watches, Zahrat AlKhaleej has mastered their knowledge about them to provide the best products and services to the Bahraini public. Today, this family-owned business has 9 boutiques in Bahrain offering more than 15 strong brands of watches. The client was aiming to refresh their image, expand their menu and extend their products across the GCC.



The objective was for Zahrat Al Khaleej to refresh their shop’s name and brand, making it more associative to the actual products being provided, and reaching out to a different target audience. Trime Media was commissioned to create a new name and brand mark that reflects the company’s experience, the type of products being provided with a modern approach. The new brand had to express the quality of the service and product provided and to be attractive and relevant to the business activities.


Trime Media took the approach of creating a Naming Strategy as a first step that resulted in implementing a new name which met the objectives of the project and the client’s expectations. The Brand Mark stemmed from the name developed for the client.  The brand was developed to achieve a certain position alongside the benchmark Zahrat Alkhaleej has placed for themselves.  The look and feel delivered is a dynamic, luxurious and sporty brand to create a strong positioning alongside its competitors.