Grace Tower



Sector       Real Estate

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Qatar

Client       Grace Tower

Grace Tower Background

50 floor tower development having a retail, serviced apartments, leisure facilities and a hotel. The tower is located on a prime site, in the West Bay district in Doha City.



Trime Media was commissioned by the owners to create and construct an exclusive brand and identity elements that would compete with other brand marks and to illustrate the strength and vision of project. The tower needed naming standards and branding all it’s facilities. The developer challenge is to promote the project to high class hotel operators, and create full awareness plus build the interest of tenants.


Trime team took full information from the owners and all partners and created a name and a brand that will work with the tower visuals and appearance, and recommended items and materials that will be used within the tower. Trime team proposed the name ‘GRACE TOWER ‘ and successfully was approved as the tower name. The creative direction was taken to show the main look and feel of the tower so it is easily distinguished among other towers within the area. Trime Media developed the tower brand identity, look and feel, and communication style aiming to help the developers to convey their message to investors through all collaterals strongly and clearly using the created identity’s strength. The visual and verbal brand expressions created to support GRACE TOWER identity, revealing the solid building business and professional look that was created with minimal design in mind. The reflection of elegance with solid colors created to match the promising success of the project facilities. A Sales and informational Package was created to assist hotel operators and investors to visuals the project and take informed actions.