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Infiniti Insider eNewsletter

We are the lead digital agency for Infiniti, responsible for launching the new luxury car brand across Europe using predominantly digital channels.

In order to drive brand engagement and ultimately nurture early hand-raisers through the purchase funnel, we established the Infiniti Insider eNewsletter programme to deliver exclusive ‘insider’ information on the brand and products.



From the outset, we were determined to deliver an eNewsletter programme which was fundamentally different to all the typical e-newsletters in circulation today. It was therefore imperative that we broke away from convention and provided an enriching online experience which completely challenged what an eNewsletter could be.

When we studied the exponential growth of video consumption across Europe and realised how much more freedom this medium would give us to express the brand, we decided that we needed to create a fresh, exciting and engaging video newsletter.



Our creative strategy revolves around the idea of having a video-based microsite where consumers can simply navigate between video articles with the aid of a video carousel. The videos are divided into clear content categories:

  • “Inspiration” (all brand related videos) e.g. The Essence concept car unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and the positive reaction from the press.
  • “Spotlight” (model specific videos) e.g. Informative interview with Product.
  • Manager to explain what’s so special about the G37 coupe.
  • “Showcase” (features-specific videos) e.g. video explaining how the Around View Monitor works.
  • “Experience” (local, dealer based video content) e.g. details of Retail Partners which have opened for business.
  • “Life” (more lifestyle based video content) e.g. video of the FX racing against a paraglider in the French Alps Succinct, punchy emails drive prospects to the flash-based microsite with rich video content.