Kanoo Daily Rental



Sector       Automotive

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Bahrain

Client       Kanoo Daily Rental

Kanoo Daily Rental Background

Ebrahim K. Kanoo is widely acknowledged as one of the island’s automotive pioneers, developing and exceeding expectations in the automotive business. Kanoo is committed to service excellence for more than 50 years. The rental business was operating under the Vehicle Leasing Division name. There was an urgent need to create a brand reflecting the highest quality standards of car rental separated from the mother brand.



TRIME was requested to create a new direction for the company by providing a full throttle company/marketing strategy fully equipped with a strategic brand naming, brand mark, brand elements, brand literature and full brand collaterals for the new car rental division. The direction had to align with the course that the mother Brand was taking in order to eventually achieve the mother brand’s main business objectives. At the same time it was required to develop a look and feel competing with other similar players in the Bahraini market.



TRIME developed the full marketing strategy aligned with the Main Company’s business strategy, keeping into consideration the research conducted of internal and external stakeholders.  The strategy enabled the agency to create a brand mark, name, literature and designs that matched the exact requirements of the market, making sure the client was satisfied. A Brand Guide Book was the final delivered where it enables the company to maintain a strong hold in the market with a consistent look and feel.