Sector       Real Estate

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Spain

Client       Lansdowne

Lansdowne Background

Lansdowne Real Estate Group is dedicated to the successful development of lifestyle and investment real estate opportunities in established and emerging markets. Lansdowne’s ethos of realizing quality developments ensures thorough investigation and understanding of the relevant market sectors to deliver desirable real estate solutions for both the end user client and investor groups. Lansdowne carefully tailor each development opportunity to secure high market demand and exceptional investment return. Lansdowne’s professional team combines proven international expertise enhanced through local knowledge, providing the all- encompassing intelligence required to assure their clients of the abiding success and prosperity of their developments.



LANSDOWNE Real Estate Group tasked Trime Media to build and design their LOGO and their corporate Identity. And as a satisfied client they tasked Trime to also develop all their subsidiary projects such as LA PLATA Project in Spain.


Below are some of the production elements:

  • Branding and logo design
  • Create Systems for sub brands and naming, for districts, areas, and diversified projects in different countries
  • Corporate Communications Management
  • Group leaflets
  • Group profile
  • Group info Memos and summaries
  • All Stationary
  • Website