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Sector       Interior Design

Service     Brand Management

Country    Bahrain

Client       Lumineux Interiors

Lumineux Background

Lumineux Interiors is a prestigious interior design company. Founded and located in The Kingdom of Bahrain in 2010, Lumineux pride themselves in offering fresh design perspectives and original concepts to a variety of clients. The Lumineux team provides a tailored approach to each individual project, resulting in innovative and unique concepts and designs. Their passion for inspirational designs allow them to produce exceptional, inspired identities and designs.



Trime was engaged to bring the existing strong brand to life by presenting it to the target audience. The task was to roll out the brand mark and the Lumineux colors on company collaterals and guidebook. The other challenge was aimed to attract the potential clients through different media channels.



After conducting market research and analyzing company clientele, Trime decided to focus on designing and developing the website that would provide audience with key information and encourage them to approach Lumineux. In addition, a Corporate Video was produced to advertise the company during exhibitions and meetings. General collaterals and giveaways were also developed to support company’s every day operations.