Sector       Health Care

Service     Brand Development

Country    Bahrain

Client       Medex

Medex Background

Medex is the first private health centre in Bahrain that has recently merged with the well-known Royal Bahrain Hospital. They provide all kinds of services mainly targeted to a certain area in Bahrain i.e. East Riffa. After the merge, Medex was growing rapidly, gaining more and more market share.



Trime Media was required to deliver a package of services that will help Medex spread awareness as well as grow within a given period of time. The main task was to build a brand that combines the modified Medex logo and the Bahrain Royal Hospital logo to create a harmonious look and feel. Next step was to present the new, refreshed brand to the potential audience in the most effective manner.



Trime designed a Brand Mark that maintained the character of the previous Medex logo and utilized the colors of the newly merged hospital. The brand was then rolled out across all collaterals as well as interior and exterior design of the health centre. The Marketing Plan Report was conducted through research and thorough understanding of the market Medex was venturing into. It provided a clear understanding about the market, the audience and the direction that needs to be taken, as well as a guide of how to introduce the new brand to the audience and how to efficiently use the merge with the hospital as a competitive advantage.