Ministry of Housing



Sector       Real Estate

Service     Event Branding

Country    Bahrain

Client       Ministry of Housing

Event Background

Every year the Government of Bahrain provides their citizens with houses by developing housing projects across the country. These houses are distributed at a yearly basis to the individuals that are on the Ministry’s waiting list for houses.  The houses are distributed by organizing a ceremony where important Bahraini officials and ministers attend.  The ceremony usually consists of handing over the house ‘keys’ to the citizens. The 2011 event was celebrated spectacularly with wide media coverage to maintain a positive image of the government’s continuos initiatives.



Trime Media was engaged to create a theme and brand for this annual significant event, positioning the event in people’s mind and making it a memorable experience.  The handing over of the house required a memorable and symbolic award to be presented to the selected Bahraini families that will reflect the purpose of the event and the actual houses being distributed.


Through the Event Brand, TRIME Media created an icon that showcased the purpose of the event, using elements from the Bahraini flag and a house door.  The theme of the event was to highlight the dedication that the Ministry has taken for house distribution and to provide a snapshot of its history.  For the award, TRIME Media had created a symbol of the key that would allow the citizens to unlock the door to their new lives.  This included a plaque to act as a reminder and a certificate to authenticate the award.