Qadhi Restaurant



Sector       Food

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Bahrain

Client       Qadhi Restaurant

Qadhi Restaurant Background

Home of Bahraini traditional food, AlQadhi offers a great choice of fresh fish and seafood. It was established in 2012 and has already gained a number of loyal customers that appreciate the quality and selection of their seafood. AlQadhi restaurant tasked Trime to build their brand and help to improve the restaurant look & feel.



Trime was challenged to design a Brand Mark that will reflect the restaurant’s main specialities and to create interest and attract the target audience.


TRIME created a friendly and modern looking Brand Mark for Qadhi Restaurant that gained a lot of positive feedback from their customers and was relevant to the cuisine it provided. The brand is maintained and strengthened by its collaterals such as takeaway bags, table placements, letterhead and flyers. The main focus was strategically designing and layouting the menu to create interest and attract customers to choose meals. Trime helped to improve the overall look and feel of the restaurant by creating and producing a signboard placed at the front of the restaurant. It is used as a strategic and important selling point and attraction to the local customers. Trime focused on high-quality materials to make the signboard look professional and presenting the full brand with the use of the correct color pantones.