Shaikh Khalid Championship



Sector       Sport

Service     Brand Development 

Country    Bahrain

Client       Shaikh Khalid Horse Racing Championship

Shaikh Khalid Horse Racing 

The championship is an annual tournament that aims to reflect HH Shaikh Kahlid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s strategy of developing and involving the Youth and special needs sector in the equestrian field. It also aims to involve various spectrums of the Bahraini society in such social activities and events that benefit the society. The festival involved different ministries, institutes and other sectors in the Kingdom.



Trime Media was commissioned by the Shaikh Khalid office to create an identity and a Brand mark for the event that reflects the objectives of the tournament and to be flexible enough to be used for each tournament annually. Trime’s challenge was to create a timeless and flexible identity as well as managing the campaign and location rollout (artwork and production) within a short timeframe.



Trime developed the event brand identity that effectively reflected the client’s purpose for the event. In addition, above the line advertisement managed to attract the envisioned target audience and had created a hype in the Kingdom of Bahrain.