Swirl Bakery



Sector       Food

Service     Brand Management

Country    Bahrain

Client       Swirl Bakery

Swirl Bakery Background

A family-owned company, Swirl Bakery is Bahrain’s home for delicious gourmet cupcakes, cookies and other desserts. After great success through the years, the delivery-based company decided to open their first shop in 2012 and expand through various marketing activities.


Swirl Bakery tasked Trime Media to support promoting their business strategically and develop a relevant and flexible website to showcase their products. The website was requested to be clean, simple and mainly image- based to present their products attractively and create an interest to sample the cakes. The website was also meant to be used as a durable tool for business operations and an important point of contact between the client and the Bakery.


Trime Media researched the market for the most suitable Website solution. We implemented a Client Management System (CMS) that gives the client the flexibility of editing the website content in case of future changes. The delivered designs were image-based as per the given brief, in order to familiarize the clients with the bakery products and push them to order.