Trime Media & InterDirect network brings to you direct access to the very best independent direct marketing specialists in many countries.


The InterDirect network is unique in that it gives you direct access to the very best independent direct marketing specialists in many countries. We pool our collective knowledge on the following:


All members regularly review and exchange their best campaigns, to the benefit of their clients.


Agency heads meet regularly to review direct marketing strategies across areas such as acquisition, retention, customer relationship management and loyalty marketing.

Local knowledge

Each member can advise others on local market issues such as data protection, market intelligence, competitor activity, desk research, sector information and alternative direct response media.

WHY InterDirect

Good reasons for choosing InterDirect

All our agencies are amongst the market leaders in their respective countries in terms of creativity, with an impressive portfolio of campaigns and awards across direct response media.

Cost effectiveness

Our network will adapt its offering to your individual requirements to ensure the cost effective management and creation of international campaigns.

True international capability

We have worked as a growing network since 1988 and have established working practices and systems that provide a proven successful approach to international campaign development and implementation.



The InterDirect network was established in 1988 with a small number of direct marketing agencies who had clients with something in common: the need for a network of agencies that could provide specialist help and advice on cross-border direct marketing. Such was the success of the original concept that we have now grown into a highly organised network employing over 1750 people and with a growing membership base to meet this client driven need.

Facts & Figures about InterDirect Network

The InterDirect Network is an important player in the international Direct Marketing industry!

These are the latest numbers:
We have 1750 (FTE) employees!
We have a total annual billing (’10) of 275 Million USD!
We operate in 30 countries with 29 members.